Referendum 5th May 2022


The Madeley Neighbourhood Plan, which has been prepared by Madeley Parish Council following extensive consultation with the local community, has been approved by the Independent Examiner as ready to proceed to public referendum. The referendum will take place on 5th May 2022 to decide if the Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted and used in assessing future planning applications in the Parish. Visit the Referendum page for more information and to view the Neighbourhood Plan you will be voting on.



What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Madeley Parish Council is producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish to guide the planning and future development of the area up to 2037. The Neighbourhood Plan will cover the whole Parish including Madeley, Madeley Heath, Onneley and Leycett (see Map of Designated Area). It will enable the local community to refine the adopted Core Strategy, and give local people more say in where new development goes and what kind of development is allowed including protecting key assets and local green spaces.


Neighbourhood Plans introduced by the Localism Act in 2011 are produced by local people. The opinions of all residents and stakeholders of the Parish are an essential part of developing the plan and these are obtained through consultation exercises and the Plan is only brought into force after a majority vote by residents in a local referendum.


Neighbourhood Plans are part of the statutory planning system. This means that Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council will have to take the policies and proposals in the Madeley Neighbourhood Plan into account when it makes decisions on planning applications in the parish.

All Saints Church, Conservation Area and countryside beyond
All Saints Church, Conservation Area and countryside beyond