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Main Community Consultation

The main community consultation exercise ran throughout January 2018. Questionnaires were delivered to every household in the Parish and it was also available to complete online. We received over 700 completed questionnaires. An analysis the the results is available to download at the link below:


Community Consultation Questionnaire Analysis of Results
Madeley Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire
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Local Green Spaces

Community consultation identified Local Green Spaces as very important to the community. A total of 21 sites in the Parish were put forward for consideration. An audit was performed to assess all of these sites which included site visits and assessment against the original NPPF 77 criteria and then reassessed against NPPF 100 after its release. 12 of the 21 nominated sites were initially considered as potentially appropriate for designation and these were taken forward to consultation. This was reduced to 5 sites and other changes were made as a result of two rounds of consultation, meetings with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough and a 'Health Check' by an Independent Examiner (Nigel McGurk).


Local Green Space Process and Work Undertaken Summary

A summary of the process and work undertaken on Local Green Spaces is available to download at the link below:

Local Green Space Process and Work Undertaken Summary
Local Green Space Process and Work Under
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'Health Check' of Local Green Space Policy and Designations

Given the importance of Local Green Spaces identified by the community consultation it was considered vitally important that all proposed designations were appropriate and supported by robust evidence. Following the consultation all feedback was fully reviewed and further work or changes made where appropriate. Meeting were also held with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council to obtain their input and ensure the policy and each proposed designation did not conflict with their emerging local plan.


At this stage a qualified Independent Examiner (Nigel McGurk) was engaged to perform a 'Health Check' of the Local Green Spaces sections of the draft plan and the proposed Local Green Space designations. He prepared a detailed report in February 2019 which contained some recommended changes. All recommended changes were accepted, and the draft Plan and Local Green Spaces policy was updated accordingly. Subject to these changes, he concluded that all proposed Local Green Space designations met the criteria and were appropriate. A copy of his report is available to download at the link below:

'Health Check' by Independent Examiner, Nigel McGurk
Nigel McGurk Report February 2019.pdf
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Housing Needs Assessment

 The Housing Needs Assessment for the Neighbourhood Plan area is available to download at the link below:


Housing Needs Assessment
Madeley HNA_FinalVersion.3.0.pdf
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