Latest News on the development of the Neighbourhood Plan:


21st August to 18th September 2018 - Local Green Space Consultation

As part of the ongoing community engagement of the Madeley Neighbourhood Development Plan, Madeley Parish Council is undertaking further community consultation on the proposed Local Green Spaces between 21 August 2018 to 18 September 2018 (closing at noon). During the consultation, anyone can respond with positive or negative comments. Visit the Local Green Spaces Consultation page of the website for more information.


18th June 2018 - Drafting of Neighbourhood Plan

The steering group is well under way in preparing the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan including policies. We are also performing an audit of local green spaces for potential inclusion in the Plan. The findings from the Community Consultation has been very useful and is being used in this process. We will keep you updated as this progresses.


1st February 2018 - Main Community Consultation Now Closed

The community consultation exercise that ran throughout January 2018 is now closed. Questionnaires were delivered to every household in the Parish and it was also available to complete online. We have received approximately 700 completed questionnaires which is a brilliant response and far exceeded our expectations. Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part.


The results will be analysed over the next month and the findings will play a key part in drafting the Neighbourhood Plan. The winner of the prize draw will be drawn when all completed questionnaires have been analysed.


Although the consultation period is now closed we welcome your comments and questions at anytime - please email


1st January 2018 - Main Community Consultation Now Live

The results of the initial consultation have been used to generate a detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire is being delivered to every household in the Parish during early January. The Questionnaire can also be completed online by clicking THIS LINK [Link Now Closed Because the Consultation Period Has Ended]. Please have your say by completing the questionnaire. Your input is very important and will help to form the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan that will guide the direction of the Parish between now and 2033. More details can be found on the Community Consultation page.


9th September 2017 - Initial Community Consultation Now Closed

The initial consultation with the community was conducted from 1st July to 9th September 2017 and is now complete. We would like to thank everyone who took part, completed a questionnaire or visited one of our information events. It has allowed us to find out what local people like about the area, what they don’t like, and what needs to change. This has been done at the start of the process, before any plans or proposals have been made, so that people can influence what goes into the Neighbourhood Plan.


The next stage is to analyse and use the results to generate a more detailed survey. This will be done between October and December 2017 and the detailed questionnaire/survey will be delivered to every household in the parish in January 2018.


Neighbourhood Plan Roadshow at the Madeley Centre - 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2017

The Neighbourhood Plan Roadshow events held at the Madeley Centre on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th September were a great success. The events were well attended by the community and have helped to generate a large number of responses to the initial consultation survey. Thank you to everyone who attended.


2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2017 - Neighbourhood Plan Roadshow at the Madeley Centre

The Steering Group are running a dedicated event to provide information about the Neighbourhood Plan and give people the chance to have their say. This event will be held at the Madeley Centre on Saturday 2nd September 2017 from 10am to 12 noon, Sunday 3rd September 2017 from 11am to 2pm and Monday 4th September 2017 from 5pm to 6.30pm. Please come along to find out more and ensure your opinion helps to shape the future of the Parish through the Neighbourhood Plan.


24th August 2017 - Stand at Madeley HS2 Roadshow

The Steering Group have a stand at the HS2 event at the Madeley Centre. This will be a well attended event and is an opportunity to provide information about the Neighbourhood Plan to a large number of people. It will also give people the chance to have their say and complete the initial community consultation questionnaire. This event will be held at the Madeley Centre on 24th August 2017 from 2pm to 8pm.


July to early September 2017

The initial community consultation commenced on 9 July 2017 with the steering group having a stand at the Spirit of Madeley event. The consultation will run to early September 2017 and gives local people the opportunity to say what they like about the area, what they don’t like, and what needs to change. This information will enable us to identify the key issues, which the Neighbourhood Plan will need to deal with.


There will be opportunities to give your opinions at events during the period or by completing the short questionnaire on the Community Consultation Survey page of this website [Link Now Closed Because the Survey Period Has Ended]. Community consultation is an essential part of the process and you are encouraged to complete the survey.


May and June 2017

A grant application is submitted to Locality for funding towards the cost of developing the Neighbourhood Plan including engaging an experienced consultant to assist with the plan and technical reports.


The steering group formulate a detailed work plan for the Neighbourhood Plan process and prepare for the initial community consultation exercise which will run between July and early September 2017.


11 May 2017

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council approve the area designation application and the whole of the Madeley Parish is formally designated as a Neighbourhood Plan area.


10 April 2017

An application is submitted to Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council to designate the whole of the Madeley Parish as the Neighbourhood Plan area.


7 April 2017

Madeley Parish Council vote to develop a Neighbourhood Plan. A Steering group made up of Parish Councillors, Conservation Group committee members and local residents is set up to begin the process of development.