Local Green Space Consultation


24 July 2019 to 14 August 2019 (NOW CLOSED)




Community consultation early in the Neighbourhood Plan process followed by detailed testing against NPPF identified 12 sites for potential designation as Local Green Spaces. Local Green Space Consultation was conducted on these sites between 21 August 2018 to 18 September 2018.


The responses to the consultation were considered and this has resulted in the following:


·    The number of proposed Local Green Spaces has been reduced from twelve to five. These five sites are the ones that evidence supports as being the most important to the community based on Community Consultation and are fully compliant with NPPF para 100. A policy for Recreation, Leisure, Play and Sports Facilities is included in the Community Facilities section of the draft Neighbourhood Plan and this covers the 7 sites which are no longer being included as Local Green Spaces.


·    LGS 1 Doctors Field - the boundary has been re-drawn so that the revised designation now terminates at the established mature hedgerow on the south side of the site. This entirely removes all of the second field to the south of the area from the designation and reduces the overall size by approximately 20%. It also ensures the boundary is clearly defined by the established existing mature hedgerow.


·    The descriptions for each LGS have been updated to reflect consultation comments and further evidence. Additional photographs have also been added.


In addition to the above, an approved Independent Examiner was appointed by Madeley Parish Council to review and perform a ‘mock’ examination of the proposed Local Green Space policy, designations and evidence base. All their recommendations have been followed and the Independent Examiner has confirmed that the Local Green Space designations are appropriate in accordance with NPPF para 100 and the policy and evidence base are robust.


This Local Green Space consultation document at the link below reflects all updates and includes those green spaces in the Madeley Parish that are being considered for designation as Local Green Spaces together with details of the reasons and relevant criteria to support protected status.


Click Here to Download Local Green Space Consultation Document


Given the changes since the initial Local Green Space consultation and as part of the ongoing community engagement of the Madeley Neighbourhood Development Plan, Madeley Parish Council is undertaking further community consultation on the proposed Local Green Spaces between 24 July 2019 to 14 August 2019 (closing at noon). During the consultation, anyone can respond with positive or negative comments to:


Clerk to Madeley Parish Council

10 Freebridge Close





Or email: LGSConsultation@madeleynp.org



Local Green Space Consultation Document July 2019
Madeley Green Spaces Consultation Docume
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