Local Green Space Consultation



The Local Green Spaces Consultation is now closed. The responses are being considered and will be used to help select the local green spaces to be designated and in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.



21 August 2018 to 18 September 2018


Local Green Spaces contribute to the quality and distinctiveness of Madeley Parish and are important to the local community. These spaces individually and collectively contribute to the rural character of the area, providing open space and create opportunities for walking and other physical activity. The diverse character of our Local Green Spaces includes sports facilities, playing fields, and other special green spaces such as the village pool area.


Community Consultation earlier in the Neighbourhood Plan process identified sites to be considered as potential green spaces. Visits have been made to each site to document evidence and the relevant criteria for designation has been assessed to support designation.


Each site within the Madeley Parish that is being considered for designation as a Local Green Space together with details of the reasons and relevant criteria to support the protected status are included in the Local Green Space Consultation Document available by downloading from the link at the foot of this page or by clicking the following link:


Click Here to Download Local Green Space Consultation Document


As part of the ongoing community engagement of the Madeley Neighbourhood Development Plan, Madeley Parish Council is undertaking further community consultation on the proposed Local Green Spaces between 21 August 2018 to 18 September 2018 (closing at noon). During the consultation, anyone can respond with positive or negative comments to:


Clerk to Madeley Parish Council

10 Freebridge Close





Or email: LGSConsultation@madeleynp.org


There is also a stand in the reception area of the Madeley Centre throughout the consultation period displaying information about this Local Green Space Consultation.




Madeley Local Green Space Consultation Document
Madeley Green Spaces Consultation Docume
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