Community Consultation


Local Green Space Consultation

As part of the community engagement of the Madeley Neighbourhood Development Plan, Madeley Parish Council undertook further community consultation on the proposed Local Green Spaces between 21 August 2018 to 18 September 2018. Landowners and user groups of proposed sites were contacted and invited to give their comments. Comments were also invited from the public through the website and a stand at the Madeley Centre. The consultation period is now closed and feedback from consultation responses is being analysed and considered.



Phase 2 Detailed Community Consultation

The community consultation exercise that ran throughout January 2018 is now closed. A Questionnaire was delivered to every household in the Parish and it was also available to complete online. We have received over 700 completed questionnaires which is a brilliant response and far exceeded our expectations. Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part.


The results have been analysed and the findings will play a key part in drafting the Neighbourhood Plan. A report of the results can be downloaded from the link below.


Community Consultation Questionnaire Analysis of Results
Madeley Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire
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Details of the Initial Consultation that was Completed in the Summer of 2017


For a successful Neighbourhood Plan it is essential that all residents of the parish are aware that a plan is being developed and the views of residents are received and taken into account.


The initial consultation with the local community was conducted from 1st July to 9th September 2017 and is now complete. We would like to thank everyone who completed the questionnaire or visited one of our information events. This was done at the start of the process, before any plans or proposals have been made, so that people can influence what goes into the Neighbourhood Plan. It allowed us to find out what local people like about the area, what they don’t like, and what needs to change.


Phase 1 Consultation Event - 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2017

In addition to the initial consultation questions and events attended during July and August such as the 'Spirit of Madeley', the Steering Group ran three Neighbourhood Plan Roadshow events at the Madeley Centre on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2017. The events were well attended by the community and have helped to generate a large number of responses to the initial consultation survey. Thank you to everyone who attended.


Local residents viewing the display and completing surveys at the roadshow
Local residents viewing the display and completing surveys at the roadshow